Source inépuisable sur le développement durable

Green et vert

Le marché du carbone national vidé de sa substance

Corée du Sud / / Asie

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  1. Well, in Europe the industry got them for free for a LOT longer period than 2 years. We all have to wonder how many consumers will still be around to sell our products to by 2015, 2020, 2050, 2100. 2015 was said to be the tipping year: if humanity doesn’t manage to curb its joint CO2e emissions by 2015, we can forget about limiting the Global Climate Destabilization to an equivalent of +2°C warming. That’s what we all agreed upon and that translates into a loss of 20% of Humanity = 1,2 billion people and 60% of Biodiversity. That’s 1,2 billion consumers less to buy products on a total global population of some 7 billion. We’re not going to make the tipping point at 2015. So we have to adjust our strategic plans rather to plans where 1/3 of consumers will be death and 90% of biodiversity?