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Green et vert

Mexique, terre d’opportunités pour l’agriculture bio

Mexique / / Amérique du nord

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  1. Salut, mon français ces’t ne pas tres bonn, alors je vai écrire en anglais:

    Organic food is indeed increasingly popular among a wider sector of the population. Both consumers and producers are now more aware of the benefits these products have and whenever possible, they are moving towards that market.

    It is also true that higher prices limit most consumers to buy these products, but an increasing group is devoting their resources to eat healthier and directly from local producers.

    There are still few chain stores focused on selling only organic/fair/natural products, but now it is common to find them also in mainstream supermarkets as the article refers.

    We’ll see how organic and fair trade markets continue to develop in Mexico and other Latin American countries, but future looks promising.